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Vintage reports



An Autumn of EnvyHope and uncertainty for winegrowers.

Our Kiedrich hillside vineyards once again shine ...




Another "Summer of the Century" is in the books... and this one began in April! Warmest growth cycle on record! And despite all that, our Kiedrich hillside vineyards never needed extra sun protection!




Nature giveth
and nature taketh
The extreme challenges of this vintage
brought out the best in our Kiedrich vineyards




Thanks to tireless work in the vineyards, a wet and worrisome start gave way to a fairy tale summer and bountiful autumn! 

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The 2015 vintage is the product of yet another year of weather extremes. Despite an intense dry spell throughout the summer, the Rheingau and her vineyards remained brilliantly green ...

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A year of constant highs and lows: in temperature, precipitation and the winemakers' disposition - but the key factor for the quality of the grapes was preventing the vines from getting "wet feet"

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A Year Marked by a Long Winter and Cool Spring, but Sunny and Hot Summer and Late Summer... Capricious Weather During the Harvest

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A surprise - patience and hard work were more than rewarded!

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A curios year of weather extremes, great anxiety, and fantastic harvest results... 

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The Final Weeks Counted!
A Golden October, Patience, and Selective Harvest in our Hillside Sites Made the Difference.

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The winter of 2008/2009 was the coldest since well over a decade. Particularly in the early weeks of January, thermometer readings seldom reached above freezing and temperatures dropped to as low as -15°C/5°F...

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At first glance, 2008 seemed like such a wonderfully “normal” year. Nevertheless, and despite many a cloudy day in summer, the weather during the growing season was once again noticeably warmer than the long-term average...

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The phenomena of climate change and resultant global warming also affected the year 2007. Once again, weather observations yielded record-breaking data: after a winter that was clearly too mild, spring weather in April and May was extremely warm...

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Global warming, change of climate, and the possibility of concomitant extreme weather circumstances are increasingly topics of discussion, not least among wine-growers, who must consider the influence of these phenomena on viticulture...

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The generally accepted, popular evaluation of a year’s weather still seems to be tied to the extreme conditions of the benchmark year 2003...

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While 2002 and 2003 were marked by extreme weather situations, 2004 can be viewed as a meteorologically and phenologically “normal” year...

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The calendar year 2003 will be remembered as a year of weather superlatives. Since 1860, when meteorological data was first recorded on a regular basis in the Rheingau, there have never been more hours of sunshine - 350 hours more than average...

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In retrospect, 2002 will be remembered for its very stormy weather – not only in Germany. Fortunately, the Rheingau was spared from severe storms, downpours and flooding...

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Two months of the year 2001 - September and October - sorely tried vintners’ emotions and decisively influenced the quality of vintage 2001...


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