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The SANSIBAR flag flies proudly over the Turmberg

... SANSIBAR championed the reintroduction of this venerable yet declassified vineyard

10 years ago Herbert Seckler from SANSIBAR joined us in planting Riesling vines in the shadow of the Turmberg tower, a landmark that is twice as tall as the famed tower at Château Latour.
Sweat dripping from his brow, Herbert was unable to comprehend how this steep world-class vineyard, first mentioned in official documents dating back to the 12th century, had lost its premier status due to a technicality in the revised wine law of 1971. All named sites, according to the letter of the law, had to be at least 5 hectares in size, and the Turmberg was just too small.
From that moment on, Herbert and SANSIBAR with him helped navigate the difficult bureaucratic waters, fighting tirelessly for the reintroduction of the single site vineyard.
And so it came to be that the Turmberg was once again declared a named site in the sole possession of Weingut Robert Weil, and that today we are celebrating our 10th vintage from the Turmberg. Our eternal thanks go out to Herbert Seckler! To read more, please see our "Hillside Sites"section.