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Press Release FINE Das Weinmagazin - Tre Torri Verlag

KIEDRICHER GRÄFENBERG FROM WEINGUT ROBERT WEIL IS THE BEST RIESLING FROM 2004 FINE Das Weinmagazin touts Weil Riesling from the 2004 vintage as best in class

The Kiedricher Gräfenberg Erstes Gewächs from Weingut Robert Weil in the Rheingau has been crowned the best dry German Riesling from the 2004 vintage. This proclamation came at the culmination of a unique and exclusive tasting of dry 2004 vintage Rieslings from numerous notable German estates, organized by FINE Das Weinmagazin in Mainz.It was an impressive tasting, with FINE publisher Ralf Frenzel inviting well-known winegrowers from throughout Germany to the Buchholz restaurant in Mainz.
More than 60 dry Rieslings from prestigious estates such as Keller, Wittmann and Groebe (Rheinhessen), Robert Weil, Kloster Eberbach and Künstler (Rheingau) and Dönnhoff, Schäfer-Fröhlich and Emrich-Schönleber (Nahe) were uncorked.
When the final results of the completely blind tasting were tallied, Weingut Robert Weil from Kiedrich came out a nose ahead. "Wilhelm Weil and his wines are deservedly considered among the world's best. Yet his top score is a joy to me not least because he has shown that the Rheingau has been unfairly underestimated in the recent past," Ralf Frenzel was quoted as saying at the tasting.
The tasting of decade-old dry German Rieslings was run on under the tagline "Ten Years Later." It was the second time the event had been held. The event was made possible through the comprehensive cellar of private collector Hans Onstein, who provided the wines for the tasting.
The rest of the tasting scores and an extensive analysis of the wines can be found in the December issue of FINE Das Weinmagazin, due on newsstands on 13 December 2014.