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Kings, Kaisers and Statesmen Enjoyed the Wines of Weingut Robert Weil... and Still Do

Well over 100 years ago Rieslings from Weingut Robert Weil were popular not just on the German Kaiser's table, but also in the royal houses of England, Austria and Russia.
In more recent history, Konrad Adenauer was both a professed aficionado of Rieslings from Weingut Robert Weil and a personal friend of the estate.

Even today wines with the sky blue label are frequently presented at important events of state.A bottle was on hand for former US President Bill Clinton's state reception in Berlin's Schloss Charlottenburg in June 2000 as the guest of German President Rau and Chancellor Schröder.The same held true for George W. Bush's visit in May 2002.
Also during that May, a Robert Weil Riesling was served to Crown Prince Haakon from Norway during his official visit to Germany.
And most recently, we were honored to learn that the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft, welcomed Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her spouse Prince Daniel with a Weil Riesling while enjoying a dinner at Schloss Eller in Düsseldorf.

picture source: fine food catering, Düsseldorf.