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Declared "Wine Entrepreneur of the Year - National“

Thanks to Meininger Verlag for naming Wilhelm Weil as "Wine Entrepreneur of the Year - National," including a very kind introduction from the Editor-in-Chief at "Meiningers Weinwelt," Ilka Lindemann. Also included:a magnificent film about Weingut Robert Weil!

Other notable awards went to the "Wine Family of the Year" (The Family of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Bordeaux) and Sandro Boscaini of Masi Agricola for "Lifetime Achievement." The gala award ceremony was held at the Düsseldorf Hotel Intercontinental. Around 700 guests from the wine industry attended the "Meininger Awards 2015 - Excellence in wine & spirits." Ilka Lindemann, Editor-in-Chief at "Meiningers Weinwelt," said in presenting the award: "More than almost any other wine maker, Wilhelm Weil has proven himself to be an innovator and meticulous marketer with a fine sense for the pulse of the times. Wilhelm Weil created one of the first brand names for German wine. He took his great-grandfather's estate and created not just a flagship for German winegrowing, but a new image for Riesling as a whole. There is almost no other estate as worthy of the term 'world class' as Weingut Weil.

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